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At S&S Exotic Pets we breed quality reptiles & exotic mammals.

We are keen hobbyists and take great care of our animals!

We currently have the following reptiles:-

Corn snakes, King snakes, Rat snakes, Dumeril’s boa’s, Hogg island boa’s,

Royal pythons, Pueblacorn hybrids (Corn snake/Milk snake hybrids).

Ridge tail monitors, Madagascan rainbow plated lizards, Yemen chameleon

Panther chameleon, Bearded dragons, Spiders, Horned frogs, Amazon milk frogs,

Whites tree frogs & Cherry-headed red-footed tortoises.

We also have the following mammals:-

Skunk, Sugar gliders, African pygmy hedgehogs and a crazy springer spaniel!


Gallery Images Have Now Been Updated!